Unusual Diamond Shapes

Do you like unusual jewelry? Are you a person who likes to wear things that are different from the norm? If so, you are going to fall in love with the unique diamond shapes we have for sale. While the likes of Round and Emerald diamonds are exceptionally popular all around the world, a lot of people want something different. They don’t want the same engagement ring as everyone else. If this sounds familiar, read on to discover more about the assortment of unique diamond shapes that are available.

Bullet Cut Diamonds – Let’s begin with bullet cut diamonds, which, as the name suggests, are shaped like bullets. This unique cut is guaranteed to catch the eye. Usually, bullet cut diamonds adorn a ring as a side stone. They look beautiful when one is placed at either side of a larger diamond in the center.

Tapered Bullet Cut Diamonds – A tapered bullet cut diamond is similar to the one mentioned above. The only difference is that one end of the diamond is smaller than the other, as it tapers off and gradually becomes smaller.

Calf Cut Diamonds – A calf cut diamond is a unique take on the trapezoid cut, yet it has an extra side, which makes it a bit more intriguing. Again, these stones are commonly used as side stones, as they are very versatile. However, there are no rules or restrictions regarding where to place calf shape diamonds.

Octagonal Cut Diamonds – A diamond with eight sides is guaranteed to turn heads thanks to the unusual and bold shape, which also creates a delightful sparkle.

Briolette Cut Diamonds – During the 17th century, aristocrats were in love with the Briolette shape diamond. This is arguably the traditional take on the pear shape, as the bottom is rounded and there is a point at the top. This shape was designed in order to enhance the diamond’s brilliance.

Shield Cut Diamonds – If you consider yourself a fierce woman, this is the perfect diamond choice for you, as it is shaped just like a shield that you would see on the battlefield. This is undoubtedly an unusual and striking shape. It is triangular on the bottom, with tapered and angled edges and an extra level at the top. These diamonds are widely used in rings, hanging earrings, and pendants.

Rose Cut Diamonds – This is undoubtedly one of the most unique and striking diamond choices you will find. The rose cut appears like an actual rose bud, ideal for those looking for a feminine design. It is an antique shape that originated in the 1500s and was adored throughout the Georgian and Victorian eras. It features a dome-shaped crown, a flat bottom, and anything from three to 24 facets.

Pentagonal Cut Diamonds – As you may have gathered, this is a diamond with five sides. The design is attention grabbing and unusual. There is no other cut like it, which is why it is perfect for those seeking something different.

Lozenge Cut Diamonds – We have another shape that is different to the norm. A lozenge diamond is a rhombus shape, and it looks stunning when used in rings. In a lot of cases, the diamond has acute angles and is a thin rhombus, which makes it even more striking.

Hexagonal Cut Diamonds – You can rest assured that none of your family or friends will have a hexagonal cut diamond, as they are very rare. Thus, you don’t need to worry about having a similar ring or other piece of jewellery. This eight-sided diamond impresses no matter where it is placed.

Trapezoid Cut Diamonds – If you like square cut diamonds, but you want something more unusual, this is a choice to consider. The trapezoid shape features four sides. The top and bottom are parallel, like a square, yet the other sides slant inwards. Often, trapezoid cut diamonds are placed on either side of an emerald or Asscher diamond.

Half Moon Cut Diamonds – You don’t need us to explain what a half moon looks like, and thus how unusual this shape of diamond is. Half moon side stones look stunning next to a center Cushion cut diamond.

Star Cut Diamonds – You will struggle to find another diamond cut that rivals the fire and brilliance of the star shaped diamond. These diamonds have 86 facets and weight from 0.05 to 0.2 carats. The Digico Group created the star cut diamond, taking them two years to research and develop it.

Kite Cut Diamonds – As you may have guessed, this diamond is shaped like a kite. This is undeniably an unusual shape, and, therefore, it is great if you want something unique, striking, and bold.

Baguette Cut Diamonds – Baguette cut diamonds are popular because of their low price tag. They do not have as much brilliance and sparkle as other stones; yet, this doesn’t matter, as they tend to be used for side stones. The diamond looks like a terrace due to the placement of the parallel facets, and they are usually 24-facets in total.

Tapered Baguette Cut Diamonds – This type of diamond is extremely similar to the one just mentioned. The only difference is that one end is smaller than the other, as it gradually tapers off.

Flanders Cut Diamonds – A gemologist created this diamond shape in 1983. Antwerp craftsman used their exceptional creativity and polishing expertise to make the Flanders cut, which is a full square brilliant shaped diamond.

Old Mine Cut Diamonds – Next, we have the great-grandfather of the modern brilliant cuts. Old Mine diamonds are essentially square in shape. However, they do have slightly curved edges. They feature a small table, high crown, and a large cutlet, which results in an appearance that is architectural.

European Cut Diamonds – Last but not least, if you are looking for something with a vintage edge, consider a European cut diamond. This was a popular shape before modern technology came about. It features a little table and a bulky and heavy crown, with a deep body and a cutlet that is bigger and more open than contemporary shapes.