Trillion Cut Diamond

The Trillion Cut offers outstanding fire, sharp brilliance, and boasts an unusual triangular shape. Another benefit of this diamond shape is that it hides inclusions and blemishes well.

Trillion Cut Diamonds

Trillion Diamond Shape

1. An Introduction

Also known as the Trilliant, Trillian, or Trielle Cut, the Trillion diamond is a triangle of three equal sides. There are lots of different takes on this cut available, including uncurved cuts, curved cuts, convex cuts, triangular step cuts, concave cuts, round-cornered triangular cuts, and modified shield cuts. Whether the diamond is used a solitaire or accent stone determines the type it is.

2. Features

Trillion Diamond Shape

Trillion diamonds tend to have either 50 or 31 facets, and the ideal length to width ratio is 1.00.

3. Buying Advice

There is a lot to think about when buying a Trillion diamond. In regards to the setting, you are advised to go for V-prongs. The depth is an important factor as well, as it has a big influence on the fire and brilliance. You can also afford to go for a slightly lower clarity grade, as this is a shape that hides blemishes and inclusions. You can choose to go for a Trillion diamond as a centre stone or accent stones.


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4. History

Originating in 1962, the Trillion Cut is one of the newer shapes. It was created by Henry Meyer Diamond Company, which is based in New York. It is a trademarked Cut, but most triangle shaped cuts are referred to as Trillion diamonds.

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