Tension Setting

There are many settings to choose from when buying a ring, but a tension setting is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful. Unlike classic rings that place stones within a bezel or prong setting in order to secure the center stone, a tension setting involves holding the diamond within the actual ring. This creates a look whereby the diamond appears to be floating in the air. It is truly beautiful.

So, let's take a look at how a tension setting is achieved. In basic terms, there will be an opening in the band where the diamond is positioned, and then pressure is applied on either side of the metal settingm, which will ensure the diamond is kept in place. Because of this, there should be any surrounding metal or metal beneath the diamond, ensuring the floating effect is created.

Aside from the stunning appearance of this ring setting, there are other benefits to be had. For example, the diamond will be able to catch the light from all angles, and this creates more brilliance and sparkle. Not only this, but you have the full scope of metal options at your disposal, from platinum, to white gold, to yellow gold.

Those with a tension setting ring also find it a lot easier to clean because the gemstone is so exposed. In fact, the ring is less likely to gather dirt and dust in the first place. A lot of people do worry that the diamond could be lost quite easily, however, with the level of craftsmanship available today, this is something you do not need to worry about. 

One thing you do need to bear in mind is the fact that if you need the ring re-sized in the future, it is likely to cost you a considerable bit more than it would with a different type of setting. This is because the metal is placed with extreme precision. In some cases, a specialist jeweler may be necessary for resizing.