Side stones setting

If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, you will no doubt be spoilt for choice. Nevertheless, one style of ring that is worth considering is one that features side stones. These rings are ideal for women that are seeking a ring that is bold, sparkly, and stands out, however, the centre ring is not out of proportion with the finger. Below, we will reveal the different types of side stones that are available so that you can find the perfect option for you.

In most cases, rings with side stones feature three diamonds – there are two smaller diamonds, with a bigger diamond in between them. The vast majority of these rings feature three diamonds of the same cut, with some of the most popular options being round, marquise, pear, oval, square, and emerald. You can find out more about diamond shapes by visiting the relevant page in the education section.

There are a few unique styles of side stone setting rings for you to choose from. One of these is the trapezoid side stone ring. Trapezoid diamonds look like a triangle with the top cut off – both sides slant inwards, however, the top and bottom are parallel. This style of diamond is generally only used for side stones. With this style of ring, the center diamond is usually an emerald or asscher cut.

Another option worth considering is a tapered baguette side stone setting ring. This ring is popular because it allows the center stone to take the main stage. The side stones are set horizontally, which gives them a bar-like appearance. This ensures that the eyes are immediately drawn towards the beautiful diamond in the middle.