Round Diamond

Thanks to the stunning sparkle, the Round diamond is considered the most superior diamond out of all shapes. This is because practically all Round Cuts are brilliant, which ensures optimal brightness and light dispersion. This is why Round Brilliant diamonds account for more than half of diamonds sold on a global basis. One thing to bear in mind is that Round Brilliant diamonds are graded in terms of 'cut', which relates to diamond proportions, as opposed to the shape of the diamond, which a lot of people confuse it for.

Round Brilliant Diamonds

Round Brilliant Diamond Shape

1. An Introduction

The Round cut boasts proportions that optimize brilliance and fire. Boasting a classic and timeless design, you can't go wrong with this engagement ring. Throughout history, there are many examples of this cut, but the Round Brilliant was we know it came about in 1919.

2. Features

Round Brilliant Diamond Shape

The Round Cut has a length to width ration between 1.00 and 1.02, with 58 facets. If the culet is pointed, however, there are 57 facets. This is a diamond that has been well researched over the years, which is why we are left with a break-taking diamond that yields optimal shine.

3. Buying Advice

If you are looking for a Round Brilliant diamond, you are advised to go for a prong-setting, either a six-prong or setting, or more commonly, the four-prong setting. Bezel settings are also popular for this diamond. Most experts would agree that this is a diamond that strikes the perfect balance between a high grade and affordability. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that these diamonds can be more expensive than other shapes on a per carat basis because the diamond is high. 

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4. History

You can trace the Round diamond shape back to Ancient Hindu texts, when these loose stones were found by Indian fishermen in the rivers and streams below the Himalayas. Nevertheless, it is the 17th century that the real origins can be traced back to, which is when more refined and complex diamond cutting techniques were used. 

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