Radiant Cut Diamond 

Boasting trimmed edges and spectacular brilliance, the Radiant cut is a unique and vibrant step cut. You can afford to go for a lower clarity with this diamond shape, making it ideal for those who have a small budget. If you want an eye-catching engagement ring, this is definitely an option to consider. 

Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant Diamond Shape

1. An Introduction

Versatile yet unusual, the Radiant Cut is one of a kind. It is a popular choice of engagement ring because it has the beautiful brilliance associated with Princess and Round Cuts. Out of all rectangular and square diamonds, it is one of the most brilliant, as it has more facets, which disperses more light.

2. Features

Radiant Diamond Shape

Whether you choose a rectangular or square Radiant Cut determines the length to width ratio. If you go for a square diamond, the ratio is between 1.00 and 1.05. If you opt for a rectangular diamond, this will be between 1.05 to 1.50. With 70 facets and distinctive trimmed edges, this cut certainly stands out. One thing to bear in mind is that it can sometimes suffer from the bow tie effect.

3. Buying Advice

There is a lot to consider when buying a Radiant diamond. Firstly, the best setting for this diamond tends to be a four-prong setting, as it ensures maximum light access and that the diamond is held securely. You can also get away with going for a slightly lower clarity grading when it comes to this shape, as Radiant diamonds hide blemishes and inclusions well.




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4. History

Prior to the Radiant diamond, all square shaped diamonds or those with step cut edges did not offer much brilliance. A lot of research went into the creation of the Radiant Cut, which solved this problem. In 1977, Henry Grossbard created this diamond. It had a huge influence on the industry, revolutionizing the way square and rectangular stones were perceived. This is also the first diamond to have the brilliant facet pattern applied to both the crown and pavilion.

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