Princess Cut Diamond

The Princess diamond is the most popular cut after the Round Brilliant diamond. Out of all the square shapes, it has the most brilliance, and it boasts an elegant yet striking appearance. Not only is it included in engagement rings, but also it is a popular diamond choice for eternity bands. It is well suited to those with long fingers.

Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess Diamond Shape

1. An Introduction

The Princess Cut can be described as a square version of the Round Brilliant Cut. As both cuts have a similar carat weight and they boast a great amount of brilliance and fire. Nevertheless, the Round Cut is shorter in length yet bigger in diameter than the Princess Cut. If you want all of the brilliance of a Round Cut yet you are seeking something a bit more modern, a Princess diamond is ideal. 

2. Features

Princess Diamond Shape

Most Princess diamonds have either 56 or 57 facets and a length to width ratio between 1.00 and 1.05. Due to the unique shape of this cut, i.e. a pyramid with four beveled sides, the Princess diamond provides more light dispersion than all other square diamonds. 

3. Buying Advice

The protect each corner; it is advisable to choose a four-prong setting. You are advised to go for a high colour grade and clarity because this is a shape that can show colour and blemishes more than other diamonds. Consequently, don't go for anything graded less than H in terms of colour or VS2 when it comes to clarity. There are lots of benefits associated with this diamond, not only does it offer value for money but it is particularly suited to long fingers too. 

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4. History

It wasn't until 1979 that the Princess Cut as we know it came about; prior to this, the term 'Princess' was used to describe a different type of cut. The invention of this diamond shape can be accredited to three Israelis; Ygal Perlman,  Betzalel Ambar,  and Israel Itzkowitz. A lot of research has been undertaken to achieve the spectacular brilliance of this cut.

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