Pear Shape Diamonds 

Most people would agree that the Pear Cut is the most feminine diamond shape. It is often called a Teardrop Cut because it features a single point at the top and a round end. The point is supposed to be worn towards the wearer's hand. There are many benefits associated with this cut; not only does it look beautiful but it is flattering as well because it elongates the finger.

Pear Shape Diamonds

Pear Diamond Shape

1. An Introduction

The Pear diamond has been around for more than 600 years and it has long been exceptionally popular. Loved for its feminine appearance, the Pear Cut is a mixture of the Round Cut and the Marquise Cut. If you want an unusual shape yet you do not want to miss out on the brilliance of a Round Cut, this is the perfect option.

2. Features

Pear Diamond Shape

Boasting breath-taking fire and brilliance combined with an eye-catching appearance, the Pear cut is one of the most unique. Most Pear diamonds have a length to width ratio between 1.50 and 1.70 and they have 58 facets. You do need to be mindful that the bow tie effect can occur on this type of diamond. This is when the diamond is cut too deep and light passes through, causing a bow tie shaped shadow to be cast on the front. The depth of the pavilion will determine how severe this effect is.

3. Buying Advice

When buying a Pear diamond, there is a lot to keep in mind. In regards to the setting, it is vital that there is a prong at the tip of the diamond, as this section is the most susceptible to chips. You also need to buy a diamond with a high color grading, as Pear diamonds show colour more than others do. Thus, you are advised not to go for anything lower than an H grade. 



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4. History

The first Pear diamond was created in 1400s by a Flemish cutter called Lodewyk van Berquem of Bruges. He also created the diamond polishing wheel. This made it possible for diamonds to be included in jewelry, as it polishes all facets so that light reflection is optimized.

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