Searching for the right deal for a diamond engagement rings in The Diamond District New York could get somewhat tricky! So many things to consider, where does one start? Well, if you don’t have any knowledge and haven’t encountered an experience in buying diamonds – then you might want to start off by reading “Basic knowledge about the diamonds 4cs link

Now shopping in The Diamond District and 47th Street is not at all stress-free – let’s begin by saying that approximately 2600 of the businesses in The Diamond District are in the jewelry industry. It is one of the largest diamond and jewelry districts in the United States, along with Jewelers' Row, Philadelphia and Los Angeles's Jewelry District, and it is the second oldest surviving jewelry district in the United States after Jewelers' Row, Philadelphia. 


If you aren’t already aware, you should know that in the polished loose diamond pipeline, starting from the polisher all the way to the retailer, the same quality of the diamond is sold with a price that varies up to 40%, if not more. Whether it is a wedding ring set or some diamond earring studs, the same quality of diamonds with precisely the same GIA grade can be twice as expensive from a jewelry brand as Tiffany or Cartier whereas making the same purchase from Diamond District New York Jewelers, you will only pay around 70% of the price you’d be paying anywhere else.

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