The basics:

Are you looking for the perfect engagement ring? If so, there are various factors you need to bear in mind. Read on to discover everything you need to know. 

Learn about diamonds:

To find the perfect engagement ring, you need to start by gathering a basic knowledge about diamonds and how they are classified. Diamonds are assessed based on four factors, called the four 'Cs', i.e. cut, clarity, colour, and carat. If you understand these qualities, you will discover what is important to you and you will know how to find a high quality diamond.

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We advise looking for a diamond that ticks all of the following boxes:

  • Has a cut grade between Good and Excellent
  • Has a fluorescence grade between None and Faint
  • Has a clarity grade between SI1 and VS1
  • Has a colour grade between D and G
  • Is a GIA certified stone

What do I need to stay away from when buying a diamond?

When purchasing a diamond engagement ring, you are advised to choose a diamond that is graded 'G' or above in terms of colour. If you go for a lower grade, it will have a yellow appearance. When it comes to cut, you should not go for anything that is graded below 'Good'.

In terms of value, it is vital to recognise that oversizes trade at five to 15 percent premiums over similar quality diamonds of a straight size. Oversizes are as follows: 5.50+, 3.50+, 2.50+, 1.75-1.99, 1.30-1.49, 0.96-0.99, 0.80-0.89, and 0.60-0.69. Please note that Round Brilliant Cuts are more costly than other fancy shapes. 

How much should I spend on a diamond engagement ring?

There is no right or wrong answer to this. The tradition states that you should spend between two and three months' salary on a ring. But, more and more people are moving against this. It is all about what is right for you.

Save money by buying direct:

One way to save a considerable amount of money without missing out on quality is to purchase the ring direct. If you go to a retailer, you can spend up to 100% more on a ring. It always pays to cut out the middleman. Here at The Jewelry Store NYC, all rings and diamonds come directly from us, and, therefore, you can be sure of ultimate value. Thus, you can save a bit of money or even buy a bigger diamond.

Consider an unset diamond:

A great option to consider is purchasing an unset diamond. Once you have the loose diamond, you can then get the setting made to suit it. This means you will have plenty of options available to you, and your finance can have a say in the finer details of the ring, ensuring it is to her taste.

Take note of what she wears:

You need to make sure the ring you choose is suited to your partner's taste. To do this, you should take a look at what she wears. What sort of style does she prefer - conventional or contemporary? Does she wear yellow gold, white gold, or platinum jewelry?

What suits her?

You need to select a diamond and a ring setting that she is going to be able to wear every day. It needs to go with her typical style. If you don't know what to go for, it is better to stick with classic designs as opposed to going for something unique, such as a Heart or Pear shape diamond. A woman's taste in jewelry is often reflected in her taste in other aspects of life. For example, if she likes modern and clean lines in furniture, she will probably be more inclined to choose an Emerald Cut diamond.

What ring setting should you choose?

There are many different types of ring categories, but we have outlined the main ones below.


This is the most popular type of engagement ring. It simply relates to a single diamond that is held in prongs, allowing the stone to catch the light. A six-prong setting is more secure but a four-prong setting allows the diamond to catch the light.


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Side stone:

This is when a diamond is surrounded by other stones. There are many different types of side stone settings, including a bar channel setting, which allows light to enter the side stones, as well as a channel setting, which is more protective.


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This is when the main stone is enclosed by little diamonds, creating the illusion of bigger size and adding more sparkle. 

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When choosing a setting, one thing you need to consider is the lifestyle of your fiance. If she is active and leads a busy life, you will want to avoid any settings that could snag on clothing. However, if she likes glamour, a statement ring is a must.

Ring sizes:

Most men do not know what size ring their partner wears. The best thing to do is order a free ring sizer from us. All you need to do is email us to get one. Alternatively, you can borrow a ring she wears - without her realising - and place it on a piece of paper and trace the inner circle. The jeweler can then use this to approximate what ring size she is. 

Ring sizes in the US:

U.KUSA / CNDDiameter (mm)Circumference (mm)
F 3.0 13.92 43.65
G 3.5 14.31 44.90
H 4.0 14.70 46.20
I 4.5 15.09 47.45
J 5 15.87 48.70
K 5.5 15.9 49.95
L 6.0 16.26 51.25
M 6.50 16.65 52.45
N 7.0 17.04 53.70
O 7.5 17.45 55.00
P 8.0 17.86 56.25
Q 8.5 18.27 57.50
R 9.0 18.68 58.75
S 9.5 19.09 60.00
T 10.0 19.50 61.25
U 10.5 19.91 62.50
V 11 20.32 63.75
W 11.5 20.73 65.00
X 12 21.14 66.30
Y 12.5 21.55 67.50
Z 13 21.96 68.75