Halo Setting

Halo setting are exceptionally popular. This refers to a type of ring whereby there is a large gemstone that is surrounded by smaller diamonds. This looks more glamorous and it makes the stone appear bigger too. In fact, it is estimated that it can make a diamond look as much as half a carat bigger. This is the perfect setting for those who love eye-catching designs, as the preponderance of the minute stones catches the light, and this makes the ring appear more sparkly, which draws attention to the big stone. 

Generally, there are two types of people that opt for a halo ring. The first is those that love celebrity style engagement rings that have the wow factor. The second are those that are on a tight budget and want the centre stone to appear bigger than it actually is.


The pave stones do not have to be diamonds, although a lot of people prefer them to be. They can be any type of gemstone, i.e. you could opt for sapphires or rubies if you want to create a striking contrast. For many years now, this has been a popular choice for the likes of Princess Cuts and Round Cuts. However, it is now possible to get a halo setting for any shape of diamonds, from Marquise diamonds to Pear Cuts. 

 If you take a look at the halo rings that are available, you will be surprised by the sheer choice at your disposal. From rose gold to platinum, the metal options are extensive. You are also not restricted to one stone surrounded by diamonds, as you could opt for a few bigger stones in the middle, or you could even go for a double halo setting. You will discover more about this by heading to the applicable page.

Another option is to have the entire band paved with stones as opposed to just having part of the shank paved. This may be less comfortable, but it will be more glamorous. Nevertheless, you do need to be mindful that this can make it a bit challenging if you do need to resize the ring in the future.