Double halo setting

For those who are unaware, a halo setting is one whereby there are smaller diamonds, or other gemstones, that encircle the central stone. This is a highly popular ring design. The setting of these smaller stones is traditionally referred to as pavé, which comes from the French word that means paved. This is because the appearance a halo setting can make it look like there is a path paved around the bigger diamond in the middle.


So, what about a double halo setting? Well, this refers to a ring where there are two bands of diamonds or gemstones that go around the larger stone. This generates the appearance of a cluster of minute gems, which can create a sparkly and vibrant appearance. This setting also has the added benefit of making the center stone appear bigger than it is. 


You may be worried that this setting is going to be very expensive, considering the diamonds that are incorporated. However, it is much more affordable than most people assume, and this is because the diamonds in the setting are small, and thus there is no need for them to be graded or cut into complex designs. 

There is also the concern that a diamond will fall out, thus spoiling the appearance of the ring. However, if you purchase from a reputable jeweler, such as The Jewelry Store NYC, you have nothing to worry about. The small stones are held together securely in individual mountings. This provides protection and ensures they do not catch or snag. Of course, as with all pieces of jewelry, you will need to take care of your ring. 

One tip for buying a double halo setting ring is to run your finger over the surface gently. If any of the stones are loose or protruded, look for a different ring.