Diamond Shapes

Diamonds are loved all over the world. However, with so many different diamonds to choose from, picking the perfect one for you can be difficult. From the elegant Asscher diamond to the unique Cushion diamond, there are many shapes to consider. In this guide, we will take a look at each diamond shape in further detail to give you the helping hand you require. This is not a decision to be rushed; after all, a diamond represents a considerable investment. 

Brilliant Round Diamond

Round Brilliant

The Round Brilliant diamond accounts for more than half of all diamonds that are sold around the world today. Needless to say, it is thus the most popular diamond shape, boasting the most brilliance and a classic style. If you are struggling to decide what diamond to purchase your partner, this option will never disappoint. 

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Princess Diamond


The Princess diamond is fairly contemporary, having been created in the 70s. The sheer name of the diamond resonates romance and class. It has a shape that will never be deemed outdated or unfashionable, however, the sharp corners give it a modern and striking edge. 

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Emerald Diamond


If you are a fan of vintage fashion, the Emerald Cut is undoubtedly the option for you. After all, it was good enough for Grace Kelly! This is one of the most desirable and oldest cuts of jewelry. The step cuts of the pavilion and the big open table contribute to the uniqueness of this cut. It also creates a beautiful hall of mirrors effect. 

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Asscher Diamond


The Asscher diamond boasts a large amount of brilliance because while is similar to the Emerald cut yet has a higher crown, bigger step facets, and a smaller table. It also creates the stunning halls of mirror effect. 

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Pear Diamond


The Pear Cut is distinct in its appearance. It is sometimes called the Teardrop Cut because it looks just like one. This delicate, elegant, and feminine Cut is ideal for those seeking something sophisticated yet unique. 

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Radiant Diamond


If you have a taste for the dramatic, the Radiant diamond is definitely something you should be considering. Out of all of the rectangular cuts, this is the most brilliant. It doesn't get much more vibrant and livelier than this diamond. 

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Oval Diamond


The Oval Cut is ideal for those who want the brilliance of the Round Brilliant yet would prefer a shape that is not as common. The Oval diamond is rarer and provides a modern take on the classic Round Brilliant. The elongated nature of this diamond can make it appear a lot bigger than it is, ensuring you optimize carat weight. 

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Cushion Diamond


This diamond has been around for roughly 200 years, however, it is one of the rarer options. The appearance of this diamond is self-explanatory; it looks just like a cushion thanks to the rounded edges. 

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Heart Diamond


The Heart diamond is ideal for those who consider themselves a true romantic. It is advisable to go for a diamond that is at least 0.50 ct when buying a heart diamond, as it can be hard to protect the smaller versions of this cut.

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Marquise Diamond


Classy and elegant, the Marquise diamond really impresses. This diamond is ideal if you are to optimize carat weight, as it appears bigger than it is, and it can also elongate the finger. 

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Trillion Diamond


Trillion diamonds can be a unique choice of centre stone, as they are frequently used as a side stone or accent stone. If you are looking for a bold and dramatic choice, this is a good option, especially as the brilliance and fire of this cut are exceptional. 

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