Individual Grading Laboratories & Certificates

Take a look at a brief overview for each of the leading worldwide grading laboratories.

GIA - The Gemological Institute Of America

The Gemological Institute Of America (GIA) is undoubtedly the most famous and widely used of all of the grading laboratories. The lab is headquartered in New York and it was founded in 1931. It is the first laboratory to develop an internationally recognized grading system. There are three different diamond grading reports that are issued via the GIA, including the main GIA Diamond Grading Report, as well as a dossier and a report on color.

AGS - The American Gem Society

The American Gem Society (AGS) was established in 1934 by Robert Shipley. This trade association consists of carefully chosen experts, jewelers, independent appraisers, and suppliers, and it is based in Las Vegas. They issue a detailed diamond quality document and a more concise report.

HRD - The Diamond High Council – Hoge Raad Voor Diamante

Set up in 1976, Hoge Raad Voor Diamante has a reputation as one of the leading grading labs on a worldwide scale. They use advanced machinery to decipher the quality of the diamond. Not only does this non-profit organization issue their HRD Diamond Certificate, but they also provide an identification report and a certificate on color.

IGI - The International Gemological Institute

The International Gemological Institute was set up in 1975 in Antwerp and now has a sister lab in New York. This organization only began with a mere three members, and now there are more than 250 individuals that are involved in grading diamonds. They issue a number of certificates, including the main diamond report, as well as an identification certificate and a report on the hearts and arrows effect. You can discover more about this effect by heading to the applicable page on our website.

EGL - The European Gemological Laboratory

From Tel Aviv to London, the European Gemological Laboratory has grading laboratories all over the globe. All labs apply the same standards, and the EDL is slightly different to the other labs. In fact, they tend to be more generous in their grading. They issue their Diamond Certificate Report in several versions, including the standard version, a mini report, and the CertiCard, which is like a credit card type certificate.

EGL USA - The European Gemological Laboratory United States Of America

Finally, we have the European Gemological Laboratory United States Of America. The reason this is not included in the EGL is because this organization is not owned or overseen by the same entity. They issue a report on color and origin as well as their standard diamond grading report. The EGL USA has four labs situated around North America.