Diamond Fluorescence

A 'fluorescent diamond' is something that has caused a lot of debate in the diamond industry. Many experts have had their say on the impact fluorescence has on the look and value of a diamond. Despite what you think, one thing is for sure, and this is the fact that buying a fluorescent diamond is a great way to save money, however, you do need to ensure the impact is not very visible. 

So, let's take a look at fluorescent diamonds in further detail. Some diamonds contain a fluorescent quality because they have sub-microscopic structures that cause fluorescence when they are exposed to UV lighting. In most cases, this glow will be blue in color, however, other colors can appear, such as yellow, green, and orange. 

This characteristic is not something that tends to be graded. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it will not appear in your diamond's grading report, as more and more labs are choosing to mention it because a fluorescent diamond tends to be lower in price. The GIA, for example, have ranked fluorescence based on five different levels, despite the fact it is not an official grading quality. These levels are Very Strong, Strong, Medium, Faint, and None. As you can see, these levels are very easy to understand. 

All in all, fluorescence is not something that tends to have a massive impact on the diamond's appearance. Actually, it can be a benefit in some cases, for instance, when it comes to diamonds with a low color grade it can make them appear more colorless. In rare cases, fluorescent diamonds appear hazy, and you should always avoid these ones. 


Picture: Fluorescent in a diamond under a UV light (right)  © The Jewlry Store NYC