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“Exceptional service at The Jewelry Store NYC”

Reviewed 15 March 2016

From start to finish, we experienced an exceptional service at The Jewelry Store NYC. The sales assistant listened to our requirements, and showed us exactly what we were looking for. Not only were we happy with the service we received, but the prices were lower than we anticipated, which is always a nice surprise. Having done prior research and spent several hours at different shops, we can safely say that this one was the best.

“The Jewelry Store NYC is incredible!”

Reviewed 22 February 2016

I have been to a number of jewelers in New York, and The Jewelry Store NYC is definitely the most helpful. I felt at ease throughout the entire time. Nothing was too much trouble for the staff, even though the store was busy because it was just before Christmas. I liked the fact that they did not try to force you into buying any of their products, but the truth is that they didn't need to. The jewelry they sell is beautiful; the quality of work is better than anything I've ever experienced. For me, though, what really sets this jeweler apart is their after service. Once my fiance had bought the ring, they advised us that we could have a FREE polish service, and they want to see the ring every six months to ensure it is in perfect condition. This is the high level of customer service you expect when buying such precious jewelry. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Jewelry Store NYC to anyone.

“Unbeatable service from The Jewelry Store NYC”

Reviewed 5 February 2016

If you are looking for diamonds, this is the place to be in New York. I experienced outstanding service while visiting The Jewelry Store. Within a few hours, I left with the perfect stone that I'd been looking for. Everything was explained clearly throughout. 

“Does it get better than The Jewelry Store NYC?

Reviewed 23 January 2016

I contacted Tal at The Jewelry Store NYC, and I was delighted with the service he provided. He had the exact stone I was looking for, and after comparing prices elsewhere, I knew that the rate he was offering me was the cheapest. I asked a ton of questions, as I was pretty cautious about making such a big purchase, but Tal was more than happy to answer every question and give me all the time I needed. Very impressed!

 “Great experience at The Jewelry Store NYC”

Reviewed 17 January 2016

The diamond ring I purchased from The Jewelry Store NYC must have been good because my girlfriend said yes! She really loves the ring, and we're going to buy our wedding bands from here too.

 “You will be spoilt for choice at The Jewelry Store NYC

Reviewed 2 January 2016

Shopping for an engagement ring can be a stressful experience at the best of times, but as I was visiting New York on vacation I only had a limited time to choose a ring - typical last minute planning from me!

The Diamond District in New York proved to be an excellent place to search for the perfect ring. Although the area is quite small, there are a lot of jewelry stores, from those selling classic pieces to bespoke jewelers. There are also a number of eateries and cafes in the area, which I definitely took advantage of to mull over my decision while having a cup of coffee.

In the end, I spent a few afternoons here, going from store to store, ensuring I found the perfect ring. I made the decision to buy from The Jewelry Store NYC because their service was exceptional and their prices were competitive too. I bought a pear cut diamond, and was offered a great price. Tal, the owner of the store, was highly professional and more than happy to provide all the assistance I needed. The resizing of the ring was done in a few hours to fit in my tight schedule, which really impressed me. I can't recommend this store highly enough.

The Jewelry Store NYC - Thank you Tal!

Reviewed 21 December 2015

I wanted to propose to my girlfriend on Christmas Day, and I'd used my vacations and work trips throughout the year to visit various jewelers all over the world, from Glasgow, to Singapore, to Dubai. In the end, I purchased the diamond ring over the Internet - typical! But, I couldn't ignore the great reviews about The Jewelry Store NYC, so I messaged Tal, the owner of the store, and we handled everything via email. When I visited the store, it was to pick up the ring, and I was delighted with the outcome. Thank you Tal! 

“The Jewelry Store NYC is the best place for diamonds”

Reviewed 29 November 2015

After walking around the Diamond District for the first time, we decided to pay another visit, as I couldn't ignore the beautiful engagement rings I'd seen in the window at The Jewelry Store NYC. In the end, I purchased a customized ring, based on something I saw in the store, but with little tweaks to suit my own taste. The staff seem very experienced here, and they were exceptionally friendly. You won't be disappointed. 

 “Made my first diamond purchase at The Jewelry Store NYC”

Reviewed 20 November 2015

I'd never had the money to own a diamond, but with my daughter's graduation pending, I wanted to buy her something really special that showed how proud of her my wife and I are. We looked around the Diamond District, and soon realized that there are a lot of identical rings being sold at different prices, so we really shopped around. In the end, we purchased from The Jewellery Store NYC. We were delighted with the price offered, and we had read plenty of great things about the store online. 

"The Jewelry Store NYC helped me find the ideal ring"

Reviewed 21 October 2015

A family member recommended this store to me when I was looking for an anniversary present for my wife. I wanted to buy her a ring, but I didn't have a clue what to get. The staff were very helpful. They asked me a number of questions to determine the type of ring my wife would like, and she was very impressed with it, so a job definitely well done. 

 “Don’t go anywhere else! - The Jewelry Store NYC won't be beaten

 Reviewed 11 October 2015

I knew that looking for an engagement ring was going to be difficult, but it was more stressful than I imagined. Having looked in about 30 different shops, I was struggling to find a ring that would fit into my budget yet still have the wow factor. Thankfully, I stumbled across The Jewelry Store NYC. They gave me some excellent advice on areas where I could make savings without compromising the beauty and quality of the ring. They then adjusted the ring size free of charge, and we now go back whenever the ring needs polished, as this is also provided free of charge. I couldn't recommend this jeweler highly enough. Whatever your requirements, they will always go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied. 

 “Fantastic experience at The Jewelry Store NYC!

Reviewed 23 September 2015

I recently got engaged to my partner, but unlike most, he proposed without a ring. He knows I'm very particular about the jewelry I wear and would prefer to pick it myself. We went along to The Jewelry Store in the Diamond District, as several people had recommended it. We researched the company online and were quite excited about paying it a visit, but our experience there exceeded our expectations. There were so many rings to choose from, and the staff were great; they were helpful without being pushy. After a couple of appointments, I found the perfect engagement ring. Now to plan the wedding!

 “The Jewelry NYC truly impresses

Reviewed 14 September 2015

The Diamond District is a great place for those looking to buy a special piece of jewelry. I'd browsed here several times, but never had the opportunity to buy anything, until my partner offered to buy me a piece of diamond jewelry for my 40th birthday. I happily obliged! I was worried about spending too much money, but the prices at The Jewelry Store NYC were better than I expected. Highly recommended! 

 “Enjoyed my experience at The Jewelry Store NYC

Reviewed 10 September 2015

To say I love shopping would be an understatement, but I hate when sales assistants try to push products on you and go with the hard sale, which I assumed would always be the case when buying diamond jewelry, so I was a bit apprehensive. Luckily, I was wrong. The Jewelry Store NYC were helpful and gave me all of the information I needed to know, but they didn't try and push a sale. They were happy for me to come back again if need be. This made my feel at ease, and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience here. In the end I did come back for a second appointment, as I couldn't decide on the right ring. I opted to have a bespoke ring made, something no one else in the world would have! It doesn't get much more special than that. The solitaire ring never leaves my finger. Thanks so much.

 “Best place to find the perfect engagement ring

Reviewed 7 September 2015

If, like me, you are looking for the ideal engagement ring, but you have not got a clue where to start, I'd recommend The Jewelry Store NYC. I explained to them that I really didn't know what I was looking for, and they assured me that most people come in saying the same thing. They asked all of the right questions to ensure I ended up with the perfect ring for my now fiance. They showed me the difference between various diamond shapes and grading so that I could fully understand what is out there before making my purchase. I must have spent the entire day in the shop, but nothing was too much for Tal and the team. To make matters worse, I needed the ring urgently, but that, again, was no problem. I picked it up the next day! The ring is a little bit too big, however, which I was worried about, as I didn't know my partner's ring size. But, The Jewelry Store NYC is going to resize it free of charge, once my partner can find it in herself to part with it for a day or so!

Huge selection of diamonds to choose from at The Jewelry Store NYC

 Reviewed 1 September 2015

If you want to choose an engagement ring, the Diamond District in New York is the place to be. I would advise looking around, as there are many jewelers. In fact, one tried to sell me a ring with a $2K discount, and I was very tempted. Luckily, I considered my options first, as I found out that the ring was not worth the marked price in any case. In the end, I settled for The Jewelry Store NYC, as they seemed to offer the most value for money.