Diamond Color

When purchasing a diamond, colour is one of the most important factors to bear in mind. Under the GIA color scale, this attribute is graded from D to Z, with D representing the highest grading, i.e. a diamond that is colorless or white. These diamonds are the most expensive because they are the most desirable. The lowest ranking, Z, refers to a diamond that is mostly yellow in its appearance. 

D, E & F – When buying a colorless diamond, such as these, you need to set them in white gold or platinum. If you set your diamond in yellow gold, it is going to counteract the colorless appearance. Untrained graders are unable to tell the difference between diamonds ranked D, E, and F.

G, H, I & J – Most buyers have a tendency to purchase I or J graded diamonds. This is because they offer great value and they are colorless in their appearance. The price can increase by about 20 percent if you go from an H grade to the G grade. The grades here will contain a small trace of colour, yet this does not really impact the diamond. 

K, L & M – This is where you will start to notice a hint of yellow colour. These diamonds represent exceptional value, but for a lot of people they do have too much colour.

N, O & R – An evident yellow tinge is found within these three grades. However, they are exceptionally cheap in price when contrasted with all of the grades that have already been mentioned.

S, T, U, V, W X, Y & Z – Most people stay away from these grades, as the yellow shade is too much.