Cushion Cut Diamond

The Cushion Cut gets its name because it does look like one. This is a diamond that is either rectangular or square in shape and has rounded edges. It can also be called the Pillow Cut and the Candlelight Diamond. The round corners not only look beautiful, but they enable the light to be captured and reflected in numerous colours. This classic vintage diamond is also practical, as the round edges makes sure it does not catch onto your clothes or hair.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion Diamond Shape

1. An Introduction

This charming cut is a mixture between the old Mine Cut and the Oval diamond. Over the years, it has been developed considerable, and now there are different types available, including the Cushion Modified Brilliant diamond.

2. Features

Cushion Diamond Shape

It is not hard to imagine what the Cushion Cut diamond looks like from its name. It tends to boast a ratio between 1.00 and 1.05 if you are going for the square cut of the diamond. However, if you are going for a rectangular version of the Cushion cut you can expect it to be greater than 1.10. There are typically 58 facets, and this allows the light to be separated prominently. 

As touched upon, there are different versions of the Cushion Cut. The Cushion Modified Brilliant Cut has a gorgeous 'crushed ice effect', which stems from the fact that it has more facets. 

3. Buying Advice

When purchasing a Cushion diamond, you are advised to go for a good grade of colour and clarity due to the big open table. In terms of colour, you should opt for a stone that is graded H or above. In regards to setting, a four-prong setting is a good choice, as this will make sure that none of the light is blocked yet the stone is held securely and protected. 



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4. History

There have been many transformations of the Cushion Cut over the years, giving it a colorful history. Nevertheless, it was in the 19th century when it was first developed. Since the, light dispersion has been optimised thanks to cleaving, and the diamond has become more brilliant. 

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