Art Deco Engagement Rings

Are you a fan of flamboyant, bold designs? If so, engagement rings from the Art Deco period are well worth considering. Jewelry from this period was known to be striking and eye-catching. It boasted straight lines, vibrant colors, and geometric patterns. Below, we will tell you a bit more about Art Deco engagement rings.

One of the interesting things about Art Deco jewelry is that it was inspired by the times. During this period, women started to gain more freedom, epitomized by their new right to vote. As they gained more freedom, their fashion sense become more experimental, taking cultural influences from various locations such as Asia, Native America, and Europe.
During this period, rings were characterized by their colorful use of gemstones. Most rings featured a centre stone, which was usually a diamond, but not always. This was surrounded by a number of other jewels, including coral, ruby, emerald, and turquoise.

In general, there are three main styles of Art Deco rings to select from. The first is known as a domed band. This is a band that is its widest at the front and centre of the ring and narrower at the back. Diamonds would be placed in the centre, and carved patterns would often adorn the ring using the filigree technique. Floral shapes and geometric leaf shapes were the most popular.

The second style is the horizontal setting, which is also called the East-West setting. This type of ring features a main gemstone that is set lengthwise, giving it the appearance of a bar. Both diamonds and gemstones are interspersed to create an eye-catching design.

Last but not least, the square setting is another popular ring design from the Art Deco period. This design aimed to maximize the sparkle of the main, single diamond, which featured a Round cut.