18kt Yellow Gold

If you are a lover of tradition, an 18kt yellow gold engagement ring is something you should definitely consider. This is one of the most classic options that are available. 

The reason you need to opt for 18kt yellow gold as opposed to other karat options is because 24kt gold, which is the purest form, is too soft to be worn on a daily basis. Day-to-day living will get in the way and cause damage to your jewelry. This is why for engagement rings, in particular, it is important for the gold to be combined with other metals that are more robust, such as nickel, zinc, silver, and copper. These metals will ensure the gold is more durable and stronger. It is worth noting that nickel allergies are quite common, which is why this metal is not incorporated as frequently as it once was. If you are aware of an intolerance, you should let your jeweler know. 

The amount of alloy incorporated in proportion to the gold will determine the carat weight and the purity of the gold. It will also play a role in the final colour of the metal. When it comes to 18kt gold, 25 percent is alloys and 75 percent is gold. This is the ideal combination, as it preserves the purity of the metal while also adding resilience and strength. If you compare a 14kt yellow gold ring with an 18kt yellow gold ring, you will notice that the former can look a little whiter. 

In keeping with the topic of colour, yellow gold is not only ideal for those who love classic styles, but it is also the perfect choice for any lady that wears a lot of gold jewelry on a regular basis. If this sounds like your partner, you can be fairly confident that you won't go wrong with an 18kt gold ring. 

All things considered, this is one of the most beautiful and popular choices of engagement rings and wedding bands. As time goes by, the metal will deepen in colour, creating a pleasing patina. If you notice your ring starts to tarnish and scratch slightly over the years, don't fret, as your jeweler will be able to give it a polish for you.