18kt White Gold

Nowadays, white gold has become a very popular choice, especially when buying engagement rings. A lot of women prefer this metal due to the fact that the colour is modern and striking yet they get to maintain the tradition of wearing a gold engagement band.

Nevertheless, with the purest form of gold being 24kt, you may be a bit bewildered as to why we have suggested 18kt white gold. So, let us explain... While 24kt gold may be the purest, it is also soft, too soft to be used in jewelry making. After a few months or so, you would find that the ring dents, tarnishes, and scratches, meaning it loses its beauty very, very quickly. Is this something you really want when you have invested all of that money? This is why it is a good idea to combine the gold with a number of other metals so that it has the resistance and the durability to deal with day-to-day life. 

When it comes to 18kt white gold, 25 percent of the ring will consist of other metals. You know the beautiful white colour that you have fallen in love with? Well, this actually comes from the metals that are alloyed with the gold, including the likes of nickel, zinc, and copper, and in rarer instances, silver and palladium. It is worth bearing in mind that nickel allergies are quite common, so make sure you bear this in mind before purchasing.

Irrespective of the alloys that are utilized, rhodium is then used to coat the final shank. This procedure is known as plating. Rhodium adds strength because, even though it is a metal that is linked to platinum, it is actually much tougher, and this is why it often costs four times as much. Another reason why it is expensive is because it ensures the ring looks newer for longer, as it is resistant to tarnishing and scratching. It also adds beauty to the ring, as it adds a reflective quality to the white gold.

After a lengthier period of time, the rhodium will start to wear off. But don't worry, as re-plating is something that any reputable jeweler will do for you. We certainly will here at The Jewelry Store NYC.